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Welcome to The Gifted Basket, an Alaska Gift Basket Company located in Anchorage, Alaska! We create gourmet, theme and custom gift baskets for any occasion, holiday, or corporate event. We provide the convenience you want with the quality you expect. Each unique gift basket is individually assembled, using only the finest gourmet ingredients. We proudly produce Authentic Alaska Gift Baskets Made in Alaska, by Alaskans!

Whether saying "thank you", or "congratulations on the promotion", sharing your condolences...or simply wanting to say "I love you", our gift baskets are individually designed with you and the recipient in mind. From the traditional to the unusual, the kind of gift basket you would like is limited only by your imagination! Be it corporate or personal, each creation is sure to please!

When you want to make a lasting impression with a special gift, The Gifted Basket can create just what you want.

The Gifted Basket
Anchorage, Alaska
Phone: 907-522-3553

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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