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Holidays & Events

  • 9/18 - National Woman's Friendship Day
  • 9/21 - World Gratitude Day
  • 10/15 - Sweetest Day
  • 10/16 - National Bosses Day
  • 10/23 - Mother-in-Law Day


Featured Baskets & Gift Ideas

Designs of Distinction from Alaska

Welcome to The Gifted Basket, an Alaska Gift Basket Company located in Anchorage, Alaska! We create gourmet, theme and custom gift baskets for any occasion, holiday, or corporate event. We provide the convenience you want with the quality you expect. Each unique gift basket is individually assembled, using only the finest gourmet ingredients. We proudly produce Authentic Alaska Gift Baskets Made in Alaska, by Alaskans!

Whether saying "thank you", or "congratulations on the promotion", sharing your condolences...or simply wanting to say "I love you", our gift baskets are individually designed with you and the recipient in mind. From the traditional to the unusual, the kind of gift basket you would like is limited only by your imagination! Be it corporate or personal, each creation is sure to please!

When you want to make a lasting impression with a special gift, The Gifted Basket can create just what you want.

The Gifted Basket
Anchorage, Alaska
Phone: 907-522-3553

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Why Delivered Gift Baskets Are Perfect

There's a certain part of our lives that's becoming less and less available every day. It's called time.

And in regards to shopping duties there needs to be a strategy to get the most out of the shrinking amount of time that's available. So what's a game plan in which both sides of the gift giving equation would be big winners?

The answer is delivered gift baskets.

Yes, the aforementioned lack of minutes and hours to get things accomplished is a reality. The clock shows no mercy towards anyone's situation in life. That means that a whole new approach to shopping must be put into place - and the sooner the better.

This new system of shopping is needed to offer a large menu of gift giving options to consider at any given moment. There's simply got to be a one-stop solution that can ride in for the rescue whenever we need to get shopping duties done effectively and efficiently.

That's when delivered gift baskets can become an MVP during our clutch shopping situations in life. These treasures can cover many interests, hobbies, appetites, or occasions that the recipient may find most appealing. Like what?

How about unique gift baskets that have the themes of celebrating birthdays, weddings, new babies or neighbors? These would certainly convey your feelings in no uncertain terms.

Or what about basket treasures packed with stuff related to hobbies such as spas, casinos, gardening, golf, movies, picnics, or car racing? Surely one of these may strike the fancy of someone who deserves your attention at certain times of their lives.

There are also delivered gift baskets that focus on that beloved thing called food. These include baskets overflowing with chocolate, coffee, tea, snacks... and a host of other comestibles pleasing to the palate.

So a wide selection is available. That's great... but how can one get one ordered and in the process of getting delivered in only a matter of minutes? Simply by shopping online!

So how can you get the most positive emotional impact from the lucky recipient while at the same time save yourself time and unneeded hassle? The answer is delivered gift baskets pure and simple. Why not make it your plan of action today? ~Author Brian Connors

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