Gifting Etiquette for the holidays

Posted by PATRICIA GARCIA on Nov 9th 2016

Are you wondering who should be on your gifting list and who you should leave off?  If you are like most of us you would love to include everyone you know on your list but our budgets seem to always get in the way.  There are all types of gifting etiquette rules to follow that can help you narrow down your list, but we have found a great article to help you narrow down your gift list while still making your heart happy.  There are so many ways to say thank you to the people in your life but you always want to include as many people as you can.  

You would think giving someone a simple present wouldn’t be a complicated affair. But during the holidays, the gesture of gifting can be tricky. Who gets one? What do you buy your boss? How much should you spend? In an effort to make your holiday more