Custom Gifting Request

Let our qualified design artist create something special just for you!

  • All custom designs take 24-48 hours to create (complicated or complex gifts that require exact items can take up to 14 days)
  • All custom designs require at least 7 days notice prior to delivery. 
  • We charge a low $10 design fee.  This fee is for creating your gift which requires purchasing items we do not keep in stock in order to create your one-of-a-kind custom design. When asked what your budget is, remember to figure in this fee.
  • The minimum budget for a custom designed gift is $75 before shipping/hand delivery.
  • During busy holiday seasons it may require more time for our design team to complete your gift. It is best to allow ample time for your gift to be created. Ordering at least 7 days prior to the occasion is recommended.
  • After your gift has been delivered you will be notified that the gift was accepted and signed for.
  • Please note: Availability of exact products may limit our design abilities. Our design team will work hard to design the perfect gift for you within our capabilities. Examples: Specific sports teams, toys, foods or name brand products may not be available to us in our region.
  • Custom orders must be paid in advance.
  • Once our design team starts your gift, cancellations cannot be made. If you must cancel your gift, a $25.00 cancellation fee will be charged.
  • State of Alaska Law: Gift baskets companies are prohibited from the reselling alcoholic beverages. If you would like to include a bottle of wine, beer, etc in your basket you will need to purchase the alcohol.  We are happy to design the basket and return it YOU for delivery.